Edward Preston

Preston’s quote was aimed at Ansel Adams.

For me the quote just tells the artist to not get too caught up in your previous work, try out new things, experiment and if it takes you in a new direction or style then its a good thing.

"Smoking Utensils"
“I would say to any artist: Don’t be repressed in your work, dare to experiment, consider any urge, if in a new direction all the better” – Edward Weston – to Ansel Adams

I chose this quote for my image because I’ve never done an image like this before, it was a bit of a spare of the moment thing. It was one that I was ready to discard until flicking through my images at home.
I didn’t arrange any of the objects in the image I just moved my camera angle until it worked.

At first it’s not a particularly exciting image until you look into it further… someone has just left all these objects and in a way they represent that person… whoever was sat there before me. They had left clues about them and it says a lot, they obviously don’t care about littering… maybe they had forgotten to pick up the lighter because they had to leave in a hurry.
Maybe they decided to quit smoking, although that it unlikely seen as they smoked the whole of their previous cigarette and left an empty packet.

But apart from what the objects represent, I liked the composition and the arrangement of the objects in the image.
I had to move around a bit to fit in each object in-between the bars but this is what makes it interesting to me.
It has an arty feel with the clean lines of the bars and neutral grey colours of the metal and pavement.
I used shallow depth of field to give the image depth, to show that the bars were higher than the paved floor.
This quote relates to my image because I was just sat on the bench and spotted these objects and just had an urge to photograph it quite absent mindedly, which fits well with Weston’s quote.


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