Phillippe Halsman

Most of Halsman’s images can be linked quite strongly to the surrealism movement, photographing Salvador Dali and his work creating the iconic strange juxtapositions and effects.
He has also photographed a lot of big names including Einstein and Marilyn Monroe.

Again, my take on this quote doesn’t relate directly to the photographer’s work but rather it’s principle.

The immortal photographers will be straightforward photographers, those who do not rely on tricks or special techniques.”  – Phillippe Halsman

I wanted to do quite a straightforward image for this quote something simple, plain and obvious.
I don’t want there to be a deep underlying message that the viewer has to dig around for, that would be using tricks and techniques which goes against the quote.

I really like this image, it’s nothing technically amazing or a difficult code to crack. It’s straight up with the viewer.
By using just one single word it is very simple just like the quote.
The fact it is actually graffiti on a wall makes the image look rebellious… who knows what they are protesting against, i guess thats up to the viewer to decide. I haven’t used any tricks or techniques it was there waiting to be photographed.
The stubbornness of the single word makes it hard to argue with and brings out huge amounts of unruly character.

Overall i think i have used Halsman’s quote quite differently to perhaps what he had in mind but used the same values in my image.


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