Summer Project – Ideas and Images

Over the summer, we were set a Summer Project practical task.
The task was to record a visual diary… “It should be as intimate as you’re able to be. You should make images from the first time that you open your eyes, through to closing them to sleep”

I bought 2 books to help me with this project;
The Photograph as Contemporary Art by Charlotte Cotton & Closer by Elinor Carucci.

I gained a lot of inspiration from Carucci’s book, her images were extremely intimate showing her private life at home, with her family and husband.
When looking at these images I felt like I was invading her privacy, which made me uncomfortable.
Her images were of little things like the shadows of her feet when going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, her mother when she was mad, an eye welling up in tears, a photograph of the marks on her hands where she had been clenching her fists.
These photographs as a set, piece together small parts of her life that we would not have known about if we had just met her… she has really put her life out there for people to judge and pry.
If the images were solitary they wouldn’t have the same effect, what makes them work so well is that the images are of little things but together they paint a very big picture and give us an insight to her private life.
I loved her images and I felt that I owed her a set of images that portrayed my intimate life also.

I don’t particularly like being in front of the camera, so I found this task quite uncomfortable. I felt very vulnerable photographing private things, things like my routine or my family. I found it hard to find these images interesting, they are of things I see everyday, they’re nothing very special for me to look at, but I’m hoping it wont be the same for others.
I couldn’t be quite as intimate as Carruci, I tried my best, I pushed myself and photographed things that made me uncomfortable and I saw this as personal development.


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