Rural Life – Thoughts

Having lived in a rural area for the majority of my life I find it interesting now that I have had to up and move into the City.
Interesting for a few reasons…
I couldn’t afford to live outside of the city despite being bought up in the country, because house prices are a lot higher in rural areas. This is a well known problem that has been recently covered by the media.
It seems to be the dream to move/ retire to the countryside, white picket fence, chickens, home grown food, Arger cooker,  animated birds dressing you in the morning.
Where did this view of country life come from?
living in the countryside means muddy shoes, slow internet, floods, lack of public transport, being snowed in and getting stuck behind at least 1 tractor on your way to work.
Having moved to the city now, I can see a big difference in the way of living… I have big supermarket nearby, I have fast internet, good phone signal, the roads actually get gritted, everywhere is much busier, buses and trains but defiantly no tractors.
It’s very claustrophobic in the city, I feel a bit crammed in… my old house seemed quieter and more peaceful and this house feels much more chaotic because the area is more populated.
I think in small villages there is more of a sense of community, everyone knows one another, you’ve all been living there for forever, all the kids go to the same school and play together after school is finished.
I now live in a much more populated City (316,900 people in 2011)  so coming from a much smaller town (91,000 people) and an even smaller village within that town (around 700 people) there is obviously going to be a big difference in the community and atmosphere of each location.

The demand to move to the countryside is high. Tv programmes such as “Escape to The Country” and “Build A New Life In The Country” is proof of the demand and the dream to move to the country.


Another TV show is “All Creature Great and Small” – a British TV series about a vet (James Herriot) in the North Yorkshire.
Over 90 episodes filmed in the late 70’s, based on true events, the series again pushes the rural and agricultural lifestyle.


Magazines such as Country Living Magazine, promotes the rural lifestyle.


Some more thoughts on Rural Life…

I came across Joel Sternfeld, an American photographer that photographed ‘The High Line’

I found that his work found that ‘quite place’ that I have been missing in the city.
Another aspect that i thought his work pointed out was that nature was almost fighting back and claiming back it’s space that this man made object had taken up. The bridge has also over time been forgotten about and grew outdated.




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