Tim Tlindenbaum on Flickr

It was quite difficult to come across any photographers that have looked solely at rural living but I did come across a Flickr user called “tlindenbaum” or Tim.
According to his profile page he is a Farmer, Science Technician and Restoration Ecologist. He comes for Illinois, USA.

I came across a set of his images that i particularly liked.


His series depict images of deserted farm houses, barns and other buildings. He has edited the image’s tones to exaggerate the textures in the broken roofs and deteriorating walls which adds an eerie quality to the feel of the images.
I particularly found these images interesting because for me it really shows that loneliness when walking around rural areas, especially farms and country walks. This peacefulness is somewhat hard to find in urban areas.

I definitely think that this is something that interests me, the differences in the atmosphere of city and rural life.


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