Chrystel Lebas – Image 1/10

Night 7
This is an image by Chrystel Lebas part of her ‘Night 2’ series in 1996

The image was created using a pinhole camera and black and white film.
Lebas stated on her website that the exposures lasted between 2 and 4 hours.

The images were taken at dusk or twilight and recorded the small amount of light just before the scene would be submerged into darkness.
I really like the soft dream qualities of the series, because a pinhole camera was used, not all of the frame had been exposed to light so there is just a circle of dull light exposing the scene in the middle which is being framed by the darkness.
The image makes me feel like I’m sitting in front of the landscape with sleepy eyes.

The image seems to be taken in a rural or maybe even seaside location which tells me that there is little city light pollution affecting the image but natural light from instead. It makes me wonder how a light polluted area would differ?.

Lebas stated in her artist description..

These meditative and inviting images have been printed on a large scale to allow the viewer to enter and become absorbed by their dark space, 
from which the details emerge only gradually.”

This is something i completed agree with, at first when you look at this image (even on a screen) you see the main features like the horizon the large black shape on the left, but after looking at it for a a minute or so your eyes kind of adjust and you start to notice other shapes and elements like the cloud structure and texture of the floor. This really allows the viewer to contemplate and question what they see and also giving the sense of the time that the image needed to expose.

I would be very interested in experimenting with this.


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