Mijonju – Image 10/10

This is a image my Mijonju.

The key light is pointing down above the model’s head – maybe it’s a household light?
The light is casting strong shadows underneath the model’s features which is not very flattering it makes the model appear fierce and manly.
This is quite a grainy image so i imagine it’s been shot on film, the light is also illuminating the smoke in front of her.
Whatever the light source was it must be quite close to her head to be causing a shadow on the wall above her head.

The lighting style makes me feel like i’ve stepped into a biker pub, It’s scary and uncomfortable, her left eye is almost completely black which is unnerving – not being able to see the model’s eyes always creates an uncomfortable situation.
The harsh shadows underneath her features creates a masculine look that makes her look intimidating, the smoke also adds to the bad ass attitude of the image. It’s a very poetic image, it’s balanced nicely with the bright white hand emerging from the black clothing. It reminds me of Larry Clark’s Tulsa grainy images depicting the drug scene, he worked in similar lighting conditions to this image, which i can guess is in a home, no not natural light, only a strong household light above, no windows. This gives the impression that its either night time or they have barricaded themselves inside, natural light would create a sort of fresh air relief in this image which would have made it less enclosed and less intimidating. The fact that you can tell its in a home makes it feel quite claustrophobic Β for me which only adds to the unapproachable impression of the image.


3 thoughts on “Mijonju – Image 10/10

  1. This might seem like a simple snap, but there are 2 light source one was from the very top ( you got that right) , the second is actually diagonal from the left back side of the model, making the smoke look more solid. 1 problem I had, since the light is pointing towards the camera from the back left side (models right side) it causes a flare, so i needed to block the flare with my hand, thus you see a weird dark part on the left of the lens πŸ™‚ cheers

  2. Hey! thanks for the explanation it’s really interesting to hear about the actual set up from the man himself!
    Now that you’ve mentioned the second light I can see now that the smoke wouldn’t have been highlighted so well with just the single light. Very interesting, thanks for clearing that up!
    It’s a really powerful and moody image, it’s why I chose to try and deconstruct it as research for a lighting module at university. Just out of interest, what was the purpose of the image?
    I apologise if any of my comments in this post offended you, I’ve been a fan of your work and youtube channel for a good few years now!
    I can definitely blame your channel for my analogue and Polaroid camera addiction so it was really awesome hearing from you! πŸ™‚

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