Location Images

So I thought I would check out part of the area I will be working with, I went to the park on a foggy morning armed with my camera.
The main purpose of this was to kind of get a feel for the area with images in mind, i visit the park often but never with a photographic brief.
I also wasn’t aware of the history and facts that i now know, so I spotted things that i would have usually walked past, like a dovecote.
Something that came to mind was the oak trees in the park, they are 100’s of years old and would make perfect witnesses to what actually happened in the area. Something to bear in mind.

What struck me was the vast amount of space I have to work with in this park which is usually something I do not have on a photographic project.
The fog created a really nice effect, very mystical and also created a shallow depth of field by dulling colours that were further away.
The park was fairly busy, it was a sunday morning and this is a hot spot for dog walkers and runners.
I liked that people under the foggy tree only appear after you look at the image for a few seconds this creates a mysterious feel like ‘whats going on over there’ the horizon line and background also becomes more defined after looking at the image for a while.
This may be something that will be effective in my images as it works quite well with the mysterious myth theme.



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