Tear and Share – Female nudes in the media

Tear and Share Session 

This is a session where for half an hour the lecture is open for us to bring up things we have found that we would like to discuss with the rest of the group.

An interesting website was bought up, Sugar LosAngeles
Everyone seemed to be quite ok with this site, that runs a workshop where people can pay to photograph female models in this style. We all agreed that they all had a tumblr and Instagram aesthetic.
I would probably describe these images as glorified porn, someone mentioned that they were empowering but I feel that they are really not. They are only gaining respect for their physical appearance focusing on the body as a sex object, this does not aid gender equality and not only that but there is no male nudes in sight, which lead me to realise the imbalance between male and female nudes in the media.
How often do you see a nude male in this aesthetic style, advertising, fashion etc… very rarely but why is this?
Some people say that the male nude isn’t as visually pleasing but I think its more likely because men aren’t thought of in the same way in the media. What I really hate about these images is that these woman are just prancing around the house with no clothes on with only the desire to look good sexually, there to please but certainly not to promote anything good about the female gender.

I thought we had moved on from this stereotype in the last half a century but there is still a high demand to carry on the sexualised view of women within photography and the media, making it seem like these woman and actions are the ‘norm’.

However, something that is a step in the right direction is that The Sun are finally thinking about scraping Page 3 Girls!
I think this is brilliant, this feature was a perfect example of the media pushing the image of sexualised women to the public, which should have died a long time ago.
How could anyone think of woman any differently when they are only celebrated for their physical appearance and to decorate the news, half naked with the sole intension to please the perverts of Great Britain.

page 3

“The Sun cannot possibly believe in gender equality if it persists in running these pictures.  And if these pictures aren’t news, which they clearly aren’t, they are little more than a regular feature – reducing a woman’s body to no more significant that a horoscope or crossword. And, where are the sexualised images of men? No they are written about because of their talents, jobs and views, not because they have a fine pair of abs.

The issue isn’t about nudity. No one minds fashion magazines running topless images of models or stars because the context is different; Vogue is not real life, while the Sun would claim that its page three “girls” are ‘normal’ women”  – Ella Alexander for Glamour Magazine



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