Exhibition Presentation

We are expected to hand in our projects ‘exhibition ready’ so here are my thoughts and ideas for my work to be exhibited.

Each set of images will be in a cluster, with one light per group.
The lights are LED and run off a transformer, which can power up to 6 lights, this minimises cables and will only require one mains plug, instead of 4 plugs for each light.
The LED lights produce very little heat so it is safe to have something covering them.
The lights are quite bright and in order to get the diffused light like in a Lightbox, each frame will have paper behind the negative in order to soften the light.
The light wires will be tacked neatly down the wall, so they can’t move and look untidy. They are white wires, so against a white wall, they won’t be too obvious.
Because the lights are circular, it distributes the light unevenly throughout the rectangle image, leaving some areas darker than others, this was intentional as the vignetting effect gives a soft dream/memory feel.

I have fitted hangers on the back of the frames so it is easy to unhook the images from the wall, I felt it was important for the hanger to not look too complicated or daunting to the audience, so it doesn’t deter them from moving them around. These will hook onto small nails in the wall.

FullSizeRender-7 FullSizeRender-6

The frames will contain glass, the negative in a clear plastic protector, the mount board, and paper at the back to diffuse the light. This will be made to look tidy and contained so that nothing falls out.

Obviously the negatives are quite small, this invites the audience to stand closer to the images, and take their time to study them. Giving a more personal and intimate experience which I thought was appropriate for the the themes I’m exploring, as they are personal and delicate memories. I don’t think huge prints would have worked so well as it loses its intimacy.

The mount board that came with the frames I felt were just a little too small and make them look very ‘arty’ with a thick white window mount. I decided to have the window mounts cut again to have more of the image on show. The original window mount gave a cropped feel which I felt was just a little too restrictive and also cut out most of the vignetting caused by the circle light.
The frames themselves, are chunky and easy to handle, again I felt this was important for the audience in their handling experience. The depth of them also helps shield them from spilling light in the room, leaving them either illuminated by the circle light or left in almost darkness when they’re not in front of the light.

FullSizeRender-9 FullSizeRender-8

A quote from each subject will accompany their set of images, this is to give context.
This will be printed onto card and placed near each cluster but with enough room not to distract attention from the images. This quote will give a little insight into the memory and feelings the subject expressed at the time of the shoot and will hopefully give more context and meaning to the images in front of them.

An artist statement will also accompany the work, explaining the themes I’m exploring and the process of the images. This will also be on the same card and placed above the clusters so it is separate and not confusing for the viewer.


The clusters will be spaced apart but not too much to think that they are completely separate. I think it would be nice to have them close enough to cause confusion as to which frame belong to which memory to show how memories can easily be muddled and merged. (see image below)

The frames in each cluster do not need to be in any particular order or arrangement as the idea is that they are going to be moved by the audience anyway.
The will also not be any straight lines or look uniformed in any way, memories are scattered and not filed into lines or rows, so my images shall not be either. The clusters will be in order of the time they were taken
so from left to right, Catherine, Alex, Ian, Max.
This is a rough guide to how I would have the layout, although they may have more space in-between each frame.



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